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If you are serious about winning your dream car and generating
significant affiliate commissions then check out this very special offer!
Want to know EXACTLY how the BEST ClickFunnels Super Affiliates won
their Dream Cars?
And what they would do again today if they had to start all over...
Are you tired of seeing few to ZERO commissions
on your affiliate dashboard?
It's hard right...

Logging into your affiliate dashboard only to see NO sales staring right back at you...

Worse still, you've either been paralyzed not knowing where to start OR you've been putting in effort...

All for NO results.

What gives, right?
Where is the reward...?
Not yet the breakthrough online business opportunity you had in mind?

Remember how excited you were to start promoting ClickFunnels and other recurring affiliate programs that offered a real consistent money making opportunity...

An escape from your current reality... but now the 'real' reality itself is starting to hit home!


You've got your affiliate links but now what? What do you do from here? Where do you publish? Who is your perfect audience? What is the 'right' way to do what others seem to make so effortless..? How can you get those first dollars flowing?

SO many questions! SO much overwhelm! SO little return on investment so far!


I too have felt those frustrations my friend!

So many open loops, so many unanswered questions, in short - so much noise and confusion.

I'd been putting in the hours but where was the freaking reward?
Then, it hit me....

The top affiliates in the industry are few in number but their work is everywhere for us to see...

So what would happen if I just studied what they were doing...? 

You know... really do this whole 'Funnel Hacking' thing...


What if I could just find a way to reach out and ask them directly?

The simplicity of it was like a slap in the face.

I mean... Would these super affiliates actually share their top tips and favorite methods with me if I could just find a way to reach them?

Or would they tell me to take a hike? (...and perhaps not so politely either!)

And if they DID share...

Armed with all this advice... could I in turn help others to finally find a path to their own personal breakthroughs with affiliate marketing online too?

I knew I needed to find out.

After all... the absolute worst they could do was say no right?!
Hi! I'm Grant!
And I am a full-time affiliate marketer.
Now I'll be honest with you...

Once the thought took hold inside my brain I just could not shake it...

I mean...

I had tried 'studying' affiliate marketing. 

I had also 'implemented' and given 'value' like I had been taught by writing long keyword rich blog posts, posting on my profile and going live in my Facebook group... you know - actually doing the WORK! 

And I didn't mind that per se...

Putting in effort today in search of a better tomorrow was fine by me! I'm sure you can relate!

BUT... well, to be frank...

My affiliate income was lacklustre to say the least...

So I decided I needed a shortcut

I needed to go direct to the source and ask these super affiliates how they actually did it.

No sales pitch, no hype. Just what they actually did to achieve their own personal results.

I mean they weren't born a successful affiliate marketer right!?

So what was their story? What was the context of their own success?

How did they finally find their breakthrough?

And most importantly...

How did they crack the code on this affiliate marketing game once and for all and how could I too?
Grant Morby
I burned the boats and went full time online only to find that gaining momentum (and more importantly actual real spendable income) was SO much harder than I had prepared for (which was ffff...antastic to discover while I watched my bank balance sinking lower every single day!)

In between I got blinded by the constant shiny objects from 'gurus' promising the world and delivering zilch.

But as my close friends and family will tell you... I can be pretty damn persistent when I want something!!

So ever since then I've been ON A MISSION to find out what the best marketers on planet earth are doing to generate so many commissions on a consistent monthly, weekly and even daily basis!
How would it feel for you to see ClickFunnels affiliate commissions pouring in every. single. day?
I mean c'mon...

Wouldn't that be incredible?

BEAUTIFUL orange bars on your affiliate dashboard every. single. day.

Like clockwork.

No more $0 staring back at you! No more feeling like a loser when everyone else appears to be winning.

New levels of confidence and real proof that passive income is actually possible!

The opportunity for recognition in the community as a rising star... hell even a brand in the affiliate space...

Think about all the doors that would open! All the new projects you could pursue!

Or if you're like me, just the feeling of finally walking across that stage and shaking Russell's hand...

The feeling of going from audience member to award winner... 

From participant... to published winner! Just like I have visualized.

All while creating job replacing income, month-in and month-out, paid directly into your bank account.

Sounds like bliss right?

Well my friends I've got some GREAT news!
I couldn't let the idea drop...

So I DID the outreach to the BEST CF Super Affiliates...

And to my shock and surprise... some of those Super Affiliates said... YES!
The Dream Car Winner Interview Series
Through these interviews I bring to life the stories of the TOP ClickFunnels Super Affiliates as well as discuss the EXACT strategies they used to qualify for their Dream Card Awards and what they would do today!
In fact I asked them a variety of interesting questions but in particular they ALL had to answer one BIG question:
If you had to start ALL OVER again, with NO following, NO brand and NO list, what would you do in order to win the Dream Car Award from scratch today?
Other example questions include:
  • ​​Is promoting ClickFunnels 'saturated'?
  • ​How did you discover ClickFunnels and decide to promote it? Did you know it would work?
  • ​Did affiliate marketing start for you as a side hustle? What were you doing before?
  • ​What was the turning point for you going full-time online and what did that transition look like?
  • What exact strategies did you use to win the Dream Car and how long did it take you?
  • ​What is your favorite traffic platform today for generating consistent affiliate commissions?
  • ​How do you manage churn among your referred sign ups?
  • What other tools besides ClickFunnels are must have's in your affiliate marketing business?
  • ​And so much more!
So Here's What You're Gonna Get...
My Exclusive Interview with Greg Jeffries!

Qualified Dream Car Winner - 3 Years Running and no paid ads!

Greg and I do a detailed deep-dive on his personal story, overcoming failure and how he has been able to generate huge affiliate commissions year in and year out like clockwork by leveraging the unrivalled power of SEO... and more!

Includes: Greg's strategy for creating infinitely scalable passive income!
My Exclusive Interview with Brian Brewer!

Brand new Dream Car Winner revealing what is working right now!

Brian holds nothing back in this deep dive discussion. We talk in detail about what he's been doing right now to generate huge numbers of ClickFunnels sign ups 'on the side' as he tops leaderboards in various affiliate programs... and more!

Includes: Brian's complete step-by-step super affiliate marketing system!
My Exclusive Interview with Jacob Caris!

A personal interview with one of my favorite 7 figure mentors!

I talk candidly with Jacob about his path from corporate employee to super affiliate and how he was able to smash every personal goal he set for himself including winning the dream car, meeting Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi in Las Vegas... and more!

Includes: Jacob's approach to organic traffic so you start seeing results!
My Exclusive Interview with Blake Nubar!

One of the fastest dream car winners to date! 600+ sign ups in 60 days!

I talk with one of the legit nicest guys in the industry about his path to success (his first online business is not what you expect it to be), the people who influenced him, what it takes to truly succeed in the online game... and more!

Includes: Blake's way to fully differentiate yourself from all of the noise!
My Exclusive Interview with John Lee Dumas!

JLD brings the fire!

In this interview we dive into how John has been able to generate over $1.25M in ClickFunnels commissions to date! (not a typo!) We talk about what platform he would use today if he had to start over and if podcasting is still as relevant today... and more!

Includes: JLD's approach to stretching content for maximum exposure!
My Exclusive Interview with Spencer Mecham!

Spencer needs no introduction - ClickFunnel's 7 Figure Super Affiliate!

Virtually no-one on planet earth has generated as many affiliate commissions through the ClickFunnels affiliate program as Spencer Mecham. I pick Spencer's brains about what he thinks is working TODAY, what he wished he'd known in the beginning... and more! 

Includes: Spencer's strategies to automate your marketing systems!
My Exclusive Interview with Steve Larsen!

The 'Capitalist Pig' himself! Oink. Oink.

Steve and I get right into how he would start all over again from scratch; how he does not view himself as a typical affiliate marketer; the mindset required to succeed... and more!

Includes: Steve's way to create 'blue offers' and ride the noise of others!
Dream Car Winner eBooks
If you prefer to read content, want to make detailed notes or simply want to follow along with my interview guests... then you are in luck!

I have professionally transcribed ALL of my guest interviews to make an awesome dream car winner eBook series that will get immediate access to today when you sign up.
Dream Car Winner Audiobooks
Want to listen to the interviews on the go?

I'll give you immediate access to the audio version of each and every interview so you can add them to your personal devices such as your phone to listen to in your car, at the gym, or anywhere else while on the move!
All My Personal Interview Tear Down Notes
There's a lot of information inside these interviews!

I've gone ahead and done the heavy lifting so you don't have to! Get instant access to my simple and digestible summary teardown notes where I neatly summarize and synthesize everything down for you. This will make implementing these super affiliate guest action plans as easy as checking off your to do list!
The Ultimate Dream Car Winning Strategy
Given my unique vantage point as interview host across all these amazing dream car winning guests, I've studied the patterns and similarities between each of their respective answers to my deep dive questions.

Now I've brought everything together in this custom and highly actionable Ultimate Dream Car Winning Strategy Framework. 100% unique to this program, this is the 'secret sauce' that will provide you with a singular approach, focus and mindset designed to generate serious momentum and set you on a fast-track to winning your very own Dream Car!
Lifetime Dream Car Winner Updates
My outreach to new and existing CF dream car winners continues!

So if and when I manage to secure additional dream car winner interviews in the future then they will automatically be added to the members area FREE OF CHARGE! This will continue for the lifetime of the product and don't forget the price of the program will only be going up for new customers!

But it gets even better...

I didn't just ask the top affiliates for an interview...

I also asked some of them for sweet extra BONUSES too!

(what can I say I always push my luck! :P)

So here they are:
Bonus #1 - A Gift From Greg Jeffries
CF Affiliate Domination Course Discount ($100 Value)

I negotiated an exclusive discount on Greg's CF Affiliate Domination course that is not available anywhere else online! In this unique course Greg dives deep into teaching you the various methods you can use to dominate promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate!
Bonus #2 - A Gift From Brian Brewer
$0 to $25,000 in Less than 8 Months Promoting Legendary Marketer... (and Winning the ClickFunnels Dream Car as a Bonus) ($97 Value)

In this custom training built only for customers of my program, Brian reveals all to show EXACTLY how he has not only topped the leaderboard for Legendary Marketer but has also been able to win his ClickFunnels Dream Car on top as a 'bonus'! This is an absolute must-see.
Bonus #3 - A Gift From Jacob Caris
Dream Car Profits Program ($97 Value)

I purchased the rights to Jacob's amazing Dream Car Profits program and am delighted to offer this awesome product completely FREE as an exclusive bonus to anyone who purchases my Dream Car Winners Interview Series. This regularly sells for $97 (which is extremely cheap given its immense value) and just this bonus alone will cover the cost of buying the interview series!
Bonus #4 - A Gift From Blake Nubar
Profitable Funnel Building Case Study ($97 Value)

In this exclusive case study training on profitable funnel building, Blake not only elaborates on his own personal story and his very first funnels but also provides a deep dive explanation into how he was able to generate over $383k in 90 days for an eCommerce consulting client. This is an awesome presentation that truly simplifies the funnel building process into bitesize actionable steps!
Bonus #5 - A Gift From Spencer Mecham
$10k In Month 1 To Over $1M As An Affiliate
Case Study ($97 Value)

Get access to Spencer's case study trainings on not only how he was able to make money right out of the gate with the ClickFunnels affiliate program generating over $10,000 his very first month but also how he was able to then scale that to over $1M in CF affiliate commissions!
Bonus #6 - A Gift From Steve Larsen
Lead Funnel Mastery Course ($297 Value)

Steve and I have hooked you up with Steve's complete Lead Funnel Mastery course that includes over 4 hours of teaching, pre-built share funnel templates, funnel map and more! If you want more leads, this is your answer.
Now to be fair just ONE of these bonuses on its own would more than completely cover the small cost of this entire series.

So that's why I'm giving you SIX to make this a total
NO BRAINER for you!
That said, I Cannot Keep the Price
This LOW for much longer!

I will be putting the price up soon! And once I do, it will NEVER come back down again...

7 Day Money Back Guarantee
While I'm confident you are going to absolutely love this product, if you don't feel I've massively over-delivered value, especially given the quality of my guests, free bonuses and low accessible price, then I will just give you your money back. No questions asked.
In fact I'm confident you're going to quickly see...
This is a unique series.
These are not your average 'feel-good' fluffy style interviews.

In fact, I've essentially done all of the hard work for you.

I did the cold outreach, fought to persuade the dream car winners to share their stories and detail EXACTLY how they won their dream car awards.

For you... all of that means one thing:

No more guesswork.

You get to hear DIRECTLY from the Super Affiliates exactly what it took them to be successful and how they would do it all over again TODAY if they had to.

Beyond the tactics, and perhaps even more valuable, you also get to see a raw and unedited glimpse inside the mindset and psychology of some extremely successful Super Affiliates.

Remember these mindset qualities and affiliate marketing skills are not limited to promoting just ClickFunnels but ANY AFFILIATE OFFER.

What you learn inside this series will serve you in ALL of your affiliate marketing activities.

Paying for these peoples' time to jump on a 1-1 call with you would cost a small FORTUNE ...

Now you can get your biggest questions (and psychological obstacles) solved once and for all.

So please believe me when I say - I want you to watch these interviews, be inspired and then go and take MASSIVE ACTION in your affiliate marketing business.

I want you to WIN.

As remember... And this is SO important..

If they did it...

So can we!

Here's to our mutual success!

See you on that stage my friends :)

Here’s A Quick Recap Of
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The Dream Car Winner Interview Series Today!
  •  Exclusive Interview With Greg Jeffries ($100 Value)
  •  Exclusive Interview With Brian Brewer ($100 Value)
  •  Exclusive Interview With Jacob Caris ($100 Value)
  •  Exclusive Interview With Blake Nubar ($100 Value)
  •  Exclusive Interview With John Lee Dumas ($100 Value)
  • Exclusive Interview With Spencer Mecham ($100 Value)
  •  ​Exclusive Interview With Steve Larsen ($100 Value)
  • ​ All of my Interview eBook Transcripts ($100 Value)
  • ​ An Audiobook Version of Every Single Interview ($120 Value)
  • ​ All of my Personal Interview Tear Down Notes ($150 Value)
  • ​ The Ultimate Dream Car Winning Strategy ($200 Value)
  • Lifetime Updates For New Interviews (PRICELESS)
  • ​ BONUS: Greg Jeffries's CF Affiliate Domination Exclusive Discount ($100 Value)
  • ​ BONUS: Brian Brewer's Exclusive $0 - $25k in 8 Months Strategy Breakdown Training ($97 Value)
  •  BONUS: Jacob Caris's Dream Car Profits Program ($97 Value)
  •  BONUS: Blake Nubar's Profitable Funnel Building ($97 Value)
  • ​ BONUS: Spencer Mecham's CF Quickstart Training & $1M Super Affiliate Case Study ($97 Value)
  • ​ BONUS: Steve Larsen's Lead Funnel Mastery ($297 Value)
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